What We Do

VALTA’s approach to financial planning is unlike any other — service-based and values-driven. We are life coaches with a specialty in money, and we help our community of clients self-actualize their lives by delegating their financial affairs to a competent and professional team of Subject Matter Experts.

As Trusted Advisors, we use tools such as “The Financial Road Map ®” whereby you clarify your most important values. We help you identify all goals that require both money and planning to achieve, and then create a comprehensive step-by-step plan of action that turns your current financial realities into what you value most in life. We work with tax, legal, risk, and wealth management experts using our proven checklist-driven, meeting process to produce a deliverables platform spanning all areas of finance.

Helping you live a Life of Significance is the undertone of our altruistic business methodology, and we are determined to be reliable, easy, and fun to work with. Focusing on truly understanding who you are and what matters most to you enables us to tailor a strategy and services to best accommodate your unique life goals. VALTA’s process means getting your complete financial house in order and keeping it that way, so that you get to spend more time doing what you love most.